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Why You Can’t Trust Skincare that’s “Too Cheap to Be True”

The market is saturated with anti-aging skincare – everywhere you turn on the web there’s another product touting its effectiveness in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Or, claiming to literally rewind the clock and eliminate aging spots… crow’s feet… forehead wrinkles… you name it. The truth is, only the products with advanced actives at maximum strengths are going to make a real difference in your appearance.  Professional products. 

Our products here at Makeup Artists’ Choice and BellEvolve include the highest quality advanced skincare actives, used by professionals, at maximum recommend percentages on the market. You’ll find ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid… Vitamin C… Glycloic Acid… Mandelic Acid… ceramides and peptides… Niacinamide… Retinol… Lactic Acid… Argon Oil… Vitamin E… antioxidants… plant stem cells… Salicylic acid… and the list goes on. You’re also going to find our lines at affordable and sustainable pricing while knowing you’re getting what you pay for. The results show themselves in our thousands of testimonials on product pages, and within our Blog.

We cannot stress enough that the professional quality of what we deliver to you within our entire product line can’t be found on mega-sites like Amazon or Ebay. So many companies CLAIM that their products are FDA 99.9% pure, or top notch… but, the truth is… it wouldn’t be possible to sell them at such cheap pricing if they were of the highest quality. That’s a FACT. With us, you can rest assured you’re getting the best skincare there is, at pricing that’s pretty tough to beat. AND, we offer sample sizing for the majority of our products. Simply click on any product and go to the sizing options to select your sample size, then add to your cart.


Keep Your Skin Surprised – Know When to Switch Up Your Skincare

Do you have products you swear by that may have worked wonders for your skin for awhile, but then started to dwindle in results? This is a very common occurrence that we like to call “product fatigue.”

In a nutshell… your skin gets used to it. Just like a workout when you’re trying to stay in shape, if you continue to do the same routine weeks and weeks at a time, muscle memory kicks in, and your efforts become less effective. The trick is keeping your body on its toes and muscles surprised with new moves. Well, the same goes for skincare.

So, when you’re beginning to see dullness and a shortage of results from skincare you might be using for at least 60 days, it’s likely time to switch it up. 8-12 weeks is a great baseline give or take, and not all products will need rotating. It really depends on your skin.

But if you do notice “product fatigue,” you want to maintain the same family of products, just switch the actual product. Usually, the products that need rotating are the specialized serums and creams.

For instance, say you’re been using our MUAC Phytocell Renewal Serum – With Apple Stem Cells… a great alternative to switch to for the next 8-12 weeks – and in the same product family – would be our BellEvolve Duo Stem Cell Serum. Both increase the rate of skin cell turnover and offer many of the same benefits, but with some different active ingredients.

Or, let’s say you’ve been using our BellEvolve Gly-Luronic Acid Serum for brightness, smoothness, dimished wrinkles, etc. A great alternative there would be our Peptide Serum with Botanicals to take over the job. You can always switch back and have these products in rotation.

The same goes for acne treatments, eye serums, you name it. When you’re unsure about what to switch to, we are always available to answer any questions regarding product rotation.

Reviews on Mentioned Products:

Phytocell Renewal Serum – With Apple Stem Cells
Can’t live without!
This product is a miracle in a bottle. I use it every morning after cleansing my skin and it magically tightens my skin. My skin looks refreshed . I have been using over a month and my skin has never looked better. Fine lines around eyes and not there. I had fine crows feet lines starting and they are gone! This and the eye cream are my arsenal to have beautiful, firm skin around my eyes. Thanks MakeupArtistsChoice! Reviewed by: Momadmac from New jersey. on 2/19/2017

Truly unbelievable
I’ve been a big fan of MUAC products for years, so I decided to try this one. I’m 36 years old and had begun to get small, fine lines around my mouth and on my forehead. I had previously used both fillers and Botox to take care of them. Since I began using this serum I haven’t had to use EITHER. It’s honestly amazing. I’d recommend this for everybody. Reviewed by: Lindsay W from Atlanta, Georgia. on 4/29/2015

This keep my skin clear, fades scars and redness and keeps me glowing. I am blessed to have found this product! There are times I’ve tried other serums and broken out from them, this fixes those mistakes fast! This serum will stay in my regime for years to come. Reviewed by: Andreya S from NY. on 2/10/2017

MUAC Peptide Serum with Botanicals
Amazing Product!

I am 50 years old and I am addicted to this product! This is the only product (and I have tried them all) that drastically improved the lines and crepey appearance on my decollete and neck. My skin looks literally 15 years younger. And bonus the more I use it, the more my skin keeps improving. I have also started using it on the back of my hands and I am noticing an improvement in the skin texture and dryness. Highly recommend this product. Reviewed by: Selena from Southeast. on 5/17/2017



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“Tuck in” Your Skin at Bedtime with Our MUAC Enzyme Night Cream

“Nighty night skin… sleep tight. Wake up more smooth, toned and bright!”  female profile

That’s right, you can wake up with a brighter, smoother, more toned complexion every morning with thanks to our Enzyme Night Cream.

While you sleep, this versatile product goes to work increasing your cell turnover rate, exfoliating, moisturizing, firming and soothing your skin.

Enriched with papaya enzymes, multi fruit acid complex, collagen amino acids, MUAC-1-14biotin, sodium hyaluronate, malic acid, and more… this night cream is one that should definitely be added your skincare arsenal.

Order a 3 gram sample size for just $4!



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The “Acid” that’s Always Safe to Use… And A Magnet for Healthy Moisture

You may have seen it on the ingredients list of many skincare products… HA or Hyaluronate… or Hyaluronan: all represent Hyaluronic Acid. Although the word “acid” is part of its title, this “acid” is an anomaly compared to others; the difference being, HA is a super moisturizer/humectant that creates a gel-like framework for collagen, elastin and skin cells. Many report their skin plumper and “dewier” after using it. young woman touching her face
You cannot overuse HA, and you can never harm yourself using it (unless of course you have a specific allergy to HA). What makes HA so effective is that it can hold 1,000 times its weight in water. So, unlike Lactic, Glycolic, and Mandelic acids… Hyaluronic stands alone.
HA is effective for treating burns and sun damage as well for its humectant properties, and has also been deemed “the key molecule involved in skin moisture.”

Many of our best products use HA for anti aging, as well as skin repair:
If you have not tried these outstanding products, we offer samples sizes for all. Click on any of the links above, then select “Choose a Size” — you’ll see the sample option.
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Why You Should Add Some Charcoal to Your Skincare

Simply put, activated charcoal acts as a mega sponge for impurities and toxins including bacteria… chemicals… dirt… and poisons. It leaves your skin detoxed and refreshed.

In fact, activated charcoal powder can hold 1,000 times it’s weight in toxins. It’s no wonder charcoal has made its way into skincare products, especially masks.

All skin types can benefit from charcoal for a good detox, particularly those with oily skin to really absorb and detox all that extra oil and sebum. Normal skin types can certainly benefit as well, but shouldn’t overuse.

Here are two of our charcoal products in our MUAC line that you won’t want to miss:

Provide Your Skin with A Good Detoxing
Our MUAC Glow Mask is just the product to detox and decongest your pores. Great for ANY SKIN TYPE. The thermal charcoal formula within this mask activates with water to create a warming sensation, while helping to melt away debris.

5 Stars
The Best Face Mask for My Very Sensitive Skin
The mask effectively does what it is designed for: it unclogs the pores, without irritating the skin. I could see my face looking healthier and “glow” right from the first application of the mask. I also love the warming sensation of the activated thermal charcoal on my face. Thank you dear MUAC team for this very good product – Anissa from Mauritius
Keep Oil and Sebum at Bay
Our MUAC Blemish Busters Cleanser uses activated charcoal, along with Tea Tree oil and other fabulous ingredients, to absorb excess oil and sebum. Use it two – three times a week rotating with a gentle cleanser to maintain your skin’s natural hydration. You won’t want to over dry your skin even if it’s “oily”, as too much drying can produce more oil. A great cleanser to use in between our Blemish Busters is our Wild Oat and Honey Cleanser.  Those with oily and acneac skin should absolutely order their sample bottle asap if they haven’t tried it already.
5 Stars
I am an African-American woman with a chocolate brown complexion and combination skin. I have to say that I am so thankful that I found this website. I have been using the blemish buster cleanser and toner for the past few weeks and I have to say that my breakouts have been kept at a minimum especially in my t-zone area. This product leaves my skin feeling clean without feeling too dry. I will definitely be continuing to use this product. – Megan W from Washington DC

“Why Am I Breaking Out After My Chemical Peel?

Have you experienced breakouts shortly after applying a chemical peel?

If so, consider it not only normal… but a very good thing.

You see, the process of a chemical involves reaching deep into the skin’s layers and accelerating cell turnover. All the gunk lingering in deeper layers of the skin gets brought to the surface faster. Consider it a purging of deep bacteria and sebum, and rest assured that this post-peel phase will pass. With continued use of your chemical peel for 6-8 weeks, the skin persistently improves and clears. Ideal results appear around this time as the acids from your peel continue to accumulate in the skin.

It’s important in between peels to use a proper skincare regime for your skin type. Here at MUAC, we customize skincare for our clients on an individual bases when our clients write to us. If you’re unsure of the proper skincare routine for your skin type, simply write in to and tell us your concerns.

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Hair Growth Serum

It works. Let’s say that again. It works.

You must use this serum daily, so be consistent with your applications. Initially, you’ll see some “peach fuzz” and you’ll feel it on areas where hair is thinning. And as the days and weeks go by, you’ll see hair growth where hair follicles are still present. Initial “peach fuzz” can be felt and seen within 10-14 days.

This serum cannot grow hair unless you have a hair follicle… it helps awaken dormant follicles and aging follicles for more vibrant, thicker hair.

Formulated with the trademarked name of Baicapil ™, this synergistic combination of three plants fights hair loss with incredible visible results.

Baicapil ™ INCI: Propanediol, water, arginine, lactic acid, glycine soja (soybean) germ extract, triticum vulgar (wheat) germ extract, scutellaria baicalensis root extract.

Stimulating hair follicle growth
Delaying aging of existing hair follicles
Recovery of younger, thicker looking hair
Increasing blood circulation to the scalp
Delivering necessary nutrients for follicle growth
Strenthening hair from root to tip

Hair loss reduced by 60.3% after 3 months of use
Increases hair density 59.3%

Also in our formulation:

Malus Domestica (Apple) Stem Cell Culture for hair growth:
Apple stem cells delay the aging of hair follicles, thus providing for a long hair follicle life. Malus Domestical Stem Cell cultures, formulated with Propacil, make for a clinically effective and natural way to grow hair where follicles are still present.

For purchasing information click here